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Use Case: We Want An Embedded Analytics Tool We Can White Label And Match To Our Brand

Embedded analytics should enhance your brand. Not diminish it. There are four key features that allow Yurbi to be the best white label BI partner for your business.

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Use Case: We Need A Business Intelligence and Data Integration Tool That We Can Integrate With Via An API

BI tools are known for providing a great front-end for display and querying of data sources, but many don’t offer a robust API to provide data integration and data broker services. The ones that do tend to be overly complicated and expensive.

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Use Case: We Want To Provide Users With Interactive Data Dashboards

The reason we call our software Yurbi, or “Your Business Intelligence”, is because end users can personalize their own interactive data dashboards by creating filters and saving them as views to quickly see the data displayed by the slices of information they need the most.

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