The Challenges of Keeping Embedded Report Data Secure

BI SoftwareData is powerful. It influences strategy and actions, shapes opinions, and can provide glimpses into the future. That’s why keeping your company’s data secure at all levels is of paramount importance to both your company and your customers.

Unfortunately, the world of embedded reporting is plagued with data security issues. And when companies need data access for multiple users, data security becomes even more challenging. So, before you commit to an embedded reporting solution, you’ll need to make sure that the tool is incredibly secure.

When you’re searching for an embedded reporting tool, ask the company about these two security challenge areas to ensure that the tool provides adequate security for your data.

  1. The challenge of a multi-tenant solution. When users are logging into a single source, the embedded application must be able to isolate data on a per-tenant basis, creating defined user roles. These user roles determine to what data the user has access.The process of creating these user roles can be challenging and time-consuming because it requires embedded reporting solutions to silo the information within the database and assign a silo to each individual user, especially if the roles have to be created at the application level.
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  3. The challenge of applying user roles across the entire database. The user roles must apply to the entire database, because if users can find a back way into sensitive data or are able to access additional databases in different areas of the application, data breaches can occur.

How Yurbi Handles Embedded Report Security

At Yurbi, we know that companies need embedded reports that are both secure and accessible to multiple users. That’s why we developed the App Shield Security feature. This feature allows companies to easily customize user roles and determine the specific data each user has and does not have access to.

Additionally, companies aren’t required to modify the database  when allowing or denying users access to specific data. The App Shield Security is applied at the database level versus the application level, which saves both time and cost because the Yurbi administrator at the company is able to modify data access with the check or uncheck of a box in real-time.

At other companies, putting in security measures on data can be very involved. But we have worked hard to make the process easy and painless so that Yurbi administrators can grant or revoke data access in real-time, which increases the overall security of Yurbi’s embedded reports.

Want to learn more about the challenges of embedded reporting? Check out our eBook, The 5 Challenges of Embedded Reporting.

Click here to download “Top 5 Challenges of Embedded Reporting”

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