The Top 4 Most Important Training Options to Look for in a BI Solution


We’ve previously noted that user adoption is a huge pain point that has plagued the business intelligence (BI) industry for years. One factor that influences BI adoption failure is a lack of training. Often, companies will provide basic training or instruction to users, but then assume that users can handle any remaining training on their own. We’ve found that this is not the case and that companies must provide more complete training for users. Here are four training options companies ask about and look for when purchasing a BI solution:

  1. Look for a solution with a robust self-help knowledge base. It’s important for users to have the ability to easily find answers about how to use the BI solution 24/7 via a self-help knowledge base. We built a self-help knowledge base for Yurbi which is housed at Yurbi’s knowledge base enables users to find instructions and answers about how to use the product with videos and guides, and is available on any day or at any time.
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  3. Look for a solution with on-demand training. Though a self-help knowledge base is incredibly valuable, it’s also important for users to have access to on-demand training tutorials. On-demand training is great for specific user roles, such as administrators or builders, because these users are able to become an expert at their role on their own time. We just launched our free on-demand training resource,, where users can access training courses that tailored toward individual roles. Some BI vendors offer on-demand training for free and other vendors charge for this training, so it’s important to determine whether a vendor will charge you for training before you purchase a solution.
  4. Look for a solution that offers instructor-led training. Instructor-led training is very valuable because employees can sit through the training and ask questions to the instructor throughout each session. Some BI vendors offer on-site, live training which can range from a few hours to a week. Typically, this is the most expensive option because a person must travel and remain on-site during the training. Other BI vendors offer more cost-effective live training options via live, web-based training that is still customized. With live, web-based training employees can join from their desks.  However, for very busy environment it’s often better that employees convene for the training within a classroom so that employees are less distracted from their other work. The third instructor-led training option BI vendors will typically offer is on-site training at the vendor’s facility. Our default model, when instructor-led training is requested is to do Instructor Led Web Based Training,  we find it cost effective and very beneficial for users.  We’re also able to record the session so they can use it as an onboarding tool for new employees.  But we do offer on-site training for those who need that model.
  5. Look for a solution that offers live 1:1 concierge support. At 5000fish, we offer 1:1 concierge support to our users for free. This type of support allows a customer to contact us to schedule a 1:1 appointment with one of our Customer Success team members. Our Customer Success team will then walk the user through training via screen share to ensure that their questions are answered. Many BI vendors do not offer this type of training, and if they do they typically charge for it or have a limit on how much is free. We have seen that 1:1 concierge support is an important component to user adoption because it’s live, customized, and thorough support for the user when he or she needs it most.

The Bottom Line

Training is absolutely essential for user adoption, no matter how simple or intuitive the product may be. Users must be trained how to use the product in the context of your business, which is something that must be communicated at the organizational level. Therefore, training must be done at both the product and process levels within your organization.

If you have any questions about Yurbi’s training options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, feel free to leave a comment if your organization has implemented training options that have helped increase user adoption!

Click here to download “4 Signs Your Users Are Frustrated With Your BI Solution”

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