Top 4 Reasons to Look for An Alternative to Domo Everywhere Embedded Analytics

Yurbi - Alternative to Domo Everywhere Embedded Analytics

Having effective business intelligence software allows a business to function even more effortlessly and seamlessly in the industry. Thus, they need a system that can help them with data analytics and data visualization, such as Domo.

Domo is a business cloud system launched in 2010. It has since been providing organizations with powerful tools to simplify complex data projects.

On top of that, Domo helps with speeding up lengthy tasks to save organizations key resources. Thus, so many people favor the Domo platform more than anything else.

Domo Everywhere

Earlier this month, Domo released a new tool: Domo Everywhere Embedded Analytics, an advancement of the tool’s embedding feature.

As an extension of the existing Domo service, users experience the traditional Domo performance, abilities, visualizations, and security with Domo Everywhere. Domo Everywhere has new capabilities that allow an enterprise to distribute data more securely.

The feature focuses on connecting organizations and their customers through a shared data experience and review of key insights, which is beneficial to each business user. The tool is the first release of its kind, providing the user with a contemporary and unique business intelligence user experience.

With Domo Everywhere Embedded Analytics, organizations are given the power to strengthen their customer experience with self-serve external analytics, limited time and resource requirements, external reporting, and monetization opportunities. It is a modern BI that can do more.

The tool is a strategic union of Domo’s existing Publish and Embed embedded analytics products, allowing customers to obtain and reap the advantages of these tools more efficiently. Domo Everywhere Embedded Analytics users maintain access to key features integrated with Domo’s original platform, such as data sharing permissions.

The tool strengthens profit opportunities by providing organizations with the resources needed to develop and share data and use it in visualization. The limited code software abilities also contribute to an exceptional customer experience. Data participation is increased through the various offerings that users can build for their customers.

Domo Everywhere has already proven success in working with a customer with almost 500B data rows.

While Domo Everywhere Embedded Analytics is an exceptional tool, some factors may be a cause for concern. The service may not be the best choice for everyone, as no one tool is – not even Yurbi!

Features Essential for Embedded Analytics

Some features we consider essential for embedded analytics purposes include:

White Label: To allow for consistent branding between the interface and the Software Vendors interface

API: For seamless integration between the business intelligence tool and the Software Vendor application

Features: Including the core dashboard and reporting features that end users are expecting

Ease of Use: To save developers time in implementation and simplify the adoption process for all users

Cost: Must be affordable and sustainable

We’ve gained insight into some issues that Domo customers are experiencing with Domo Everywhere Embedded Analytics.

As such, we’re presenting a list of reasons why a user may seek an alternate BI tool. Domo Everywhere may not be the right fit for many software vendors looking for Embedded Analytics.

Top 4 Reasons Users Look for An Alternative to Domo Everywhere Embedded Analytics

We can’t show you this information anymore,  read why here – Domo Sent Us A Cease and Desist Letter.

Domo Sent Us A Cease and Desist Letter

Yurbi is an Alternative to Domo Everywhere

Domo is great software, alright, but there are some things that Domo does not have, but Yurbi does, which makes it one of the best software with business intelligence tools that can help your business to drive customer success.

Affordable Pricing Options

For Yurbi, we offer a flat fee price for a single SaaS app for only $24,000 a year. This allows you to use Yurbi in an unlimited fashion, and the price is all-inclusive.

That means you will be getting all of Yurbi’s best features, which they do better than Domo on some points, all in one single payment per year. We also offer special prices for startups and small businesses because we know how it feels.

We’ve been there, so we want to help you would where we can.

Self-Hosted Architecture

With Yurbi, you do not have to worry about the complexities and intricacies of cloud BI, thanks to the fact that it is self-hosted and can protect data.

Since Yurbi is self-hosted, things such as losing control over critical infrastructure embedded in your application, privacy and security issues, copying data into a third-party cloud, and data refresh rates are all a part of the past.

On-Premise Deployments

Yurbi, as a self-hosted application, makes it simple to deploy BI to your client’s premises or when you need to provide a completely isolated environment to a big or secure-focused customer base.

Yurbi offers APIs and scripts that make it simple to replicate, clone, and load reports and dashboards to on-premise deployments.

If you are looking for an affordable Domo alternative, gives the stakeholders a lot of power over the data, does not compromise data security over price, and takes all the stress away from you to keep your data, Yurbi is the perfect software for you.

We have already presented why Yurbi is a great alternative to Domo, and we know you are convinced already. To seal the deal, why not schedule a live demo with us or contact us for more information? Allow our team of experts to explain everything to you in detail and help you understand why you need to make the switch.

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