Top 5 Reasons Businesses are Looking To Replace Power BI Embedded

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Despite the myriad benefits and effective uses, one-time users of Power BI Embedded often begin to look for alternatives. Now, it’s true — Power BI does so much more than simply “datanyze” and visualizes the analytics.

But you might also be asking yourself why, when pitted against competitors in that specific niche, Power BI has one of the lowest market shares (2.44%).

If there’s no such thing as “free lunch,” then you should consider the various “costs” that come attached to Power BI Embedded. They may not all be financial, but they’re certainly all significant enough to deviate off the beaten path.

Here are the top 5 reasons businesses are looking to replace Power BI Embedded.


Power BI comes with a powered-up price tag. Even though Power BI Embedded does price hourly and feels much more accessible to start, cost continues to be a prohibitive factor. It’s one of the main reasons people look for an alternative — in other words, using Power BI gets pricey, especially as you scale up.

Consider that the smallest server begins at $750/month (barely enough for a suitable test environment) and can escalate up to $24,000 a month for an A6 server. It might be good for embedded analytics but not for the price.


All Microsoft tools and applications are known for their broad spectrum of uses. However, at the enterprise level, they’re also notorious for having a steep learning curve. That level of power comes at a price — that of built-in complexity.

Now, Power BI does purport to have a marketplace of ready-made templates and pre-packed standard data visuals that can help present your data. Its native R integration allows advanced BI analytics like machine learning, predictive trends, and smoothing.

That being said, complexity can creep in when using the exact “advanced” features that make Power BI so useful. For example, advanced users of Microsoft Excel will be able to take advantage of its programming language, DAX (data analysis expressions), in the Excel spreadsheet.

However, many users say they spend more time mastering this aspect to use BI’s power in the first place.

Privacy and Compliance

Privacy and compliance aren’t usually an issue with an organization as big as Microsoft. Your data is safe, and you can rest assured that you’re legally covered. Data governance and security are protected using features like built-in user authentication and Single Sign-On.

However, your organization has a management overhead burden, which will now be responsible for getting these aspects streamlined and cared for. This often takes more time and effort than other platforms with a heavy tool like Power BI Embedded. Data should always be safe and secure, and the BI tool should always protect the data source, but the Power BI app cannot give that, which is concerning.

On-Premise Deployment Need

Usually, cloud software is hailed as the future, with predictive analytics at the helm. But particular environments need an offline and deployed version.

Power BI Embedded is a cloud service that turns out to be a deal-breaker for many software vendors. To counter this issue, some users try out Power BI Desktop. Still, there are various reasons (which we’ll explore in another post) why this never works as it should.

White Label

Whether they go one way or another, preferences around Microsoft use tend to be strong. Some users might think that it’s great that you, the vendor, are leveraging the power of a “professional” software suite like Microsoft’s.

Others are less charmed by the brand and functionality of Microsoft’s UX. They might feel that they can bypass your role as a vendor and use Microsoft directly. Or they may connect their own experiences with Microsoft to your use of the platform.

While you certainly can change the colors, logos, and other visual aspects of the Power BI to integrate more seamlessly with your brand, users will still know it is Power BI at play. So you’ll need to consider whether an adverse reaction to your use is a possibility. It is important to remember that visualization would only matter if Power BI Embedded met the other five reasons. Otherwise, businesses should use another BI platform instead.

Yurbi Is An Alternative To Power BI Embedded Analytics

With businesses considering these five factors in replacing Power BI Embedded, it is evident that they need a BI tool that can be affordable without compromising their data security and safety, with a team of experts helping them out every step of the way. They need a BI tool that will help them achieve their results without worrying about errors and other factors that they often experienced before.

Yurbi can help you out with your dilemmas, as we can offer these features to you without any hassle. Curious? Let us lead the way.

Affordable Pricing

One of the issues with Microsoft in general and Power BI specifically, the pricing is very confusing. There are so many different “things” they base the pricing on, AND the pricing has changed multiple times over the years.

It has gone from page views (very hard to estimate) to server sizes (again, it is difficult to know what sized servers you will need in advance) to things that lack transparency from a pricing perspective.

With Power BI, you have a “variable” price. You never really know what you’re going to spend until the end of the month (which can open you up for big surprises).

With Yurbi, you have a fixed price that is easy to budget and easy to plan.

Yurbi will never make you worry about paying for basic features without getting the premium ones you need the most in your business. For only $24,000 annually, you get to feel the full Yurbi experience without any hidden fees or surprise charges. The annual price is all-inclusive, and you can use it as much as you want without any limits or thresholds to worry about.

Suppose you also happen to be a small business or a startup. In that case, we can offer better and lower pricing options for you without cutting corners. You will get everything from Yurbi, the same as that business that paid $24,000 a year, only for a lower price.

We have a soft spot for small businesses and startups because we’ve been there.


One of the reasons businesses want to replace Power BI Embedded is that they are worried about the safety and privacy of their data. Yurbi erases all the worries away with its self-hosted architecture, allowing you to breathe freely without having to think of losing your important data somewhere along the road or any other complexities brought by cloud BI.

Another advantage of a self-hosted embedded analytics solution, you have total control in making changes on your software, including upgrades. With Power BI, you are on Microsoft’s change management schedule. If they have an outage, you can’t do much more than twiddle your fingers and wait for them to fix (meanwhile, your customers are screaming at you for being down).

These things will become a thing of the past with Yurbi’s self-hosted software.

Excellent Customer Support

When businesses purchase tools and software for their businesses, they won’t immediately know how to navigate these tools without asking for help from the developers. However, the common problem arises once the deal is closed — when they call for support, they get tossed around to different people like hot potatoes in a bag — which is highly unprofessional in the first place.

We’ve been fans of Microsoft for decades. Still, one aspect of using Microsoft products that seems universally true is that support can be concerning (to put it nicely).

Unless you are a VIP or you have a lot of money for direct support services, you are left to fend for yourself in the community forums and multiple tiers of around the world reps, only to get more frustrated in many cases. It’s one reason Microsoft has such a large ecosystem of partners, to help buffer the client from the necessary troubleshooting and the need to work with support to get things working properly. We could have easily added their poor customer service as a sixth reason businesses replace Power BI Embedded, but it would be overkill.

With Yurbi, you do not have to worry about going through that nightmare with our excellent customer support. Our team of experts will answer all your queries in real-time. When you purchase Yurbi, you immediately get an entire department ready to help you whenever you need them. You can treat us as your remote team on your beck and call.

We always prioritize our clients as though all of you are VIPs because, in reality, you are our VIPs.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Requirements

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Let us convince you one step further by booking a live demo with our team of experts because we believe that to see is to believe.

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