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Multiple languages for your app? Have you considered that your embedded BI solution may also need multilingual capabilities?

“Multilingual” refers to the language shown in the user interface in a user’s own language. Naturally, not everyone in the world speaks English. If you are selling software to a part of the world where a different language is used, you’ll need software that supports multiple languages as well.

Companies must cater to the needs associated with globalization, and the translation of your app into multiple languages can help you in so many ways.

In many cases, software needs to be translated into the user’s language to sell properly in that region. There’s a pretty strong use case for multilingual embedded analytics.

Creating an app supporting multiple languages entails more than simply changing the strings from one language to another. There is a slew of other issues to fix before your software is ready for users worldwide.

  • To begin, a BI solution with multilingual features that can change the user interface for each language version is required. Your application should have no shortened text and plenty of white space to make it easy to read.
  • Adjusting all UI elements containing text to the new language version, such as resizing buttons, boxes, or menus, is a recommended practice. Colors may need to be modified, as their meaning varies by culture.
  • Calendar formats, dimensions, phone numbers, currencies, and addresses are just a few of the items in your multilingual software that Users must modify. Users must modify dates and currencies in the same way for each language version of your app. Forms that require user input, such as postcode forms, must be developed to allow for country-specific input.
  • For the optimal user experience, icons and symbols must have crystal clear meanings. Nothing is more perplexing than graphics that have nothing to do with the content or represent a message that is difficult to comprehend.
  • Ensure an icon or symbol is appropriate to the target culture and does not offend your users before utilizing it in place of a button name or any other element. Otherwise, your multilingual software will be unappealing and may not reap the significant commercial rewards associated with localization.

These are just a few of the amazing and important features that can help your multilingual app achieve worldwide success and win the hearts of your target consumers. Whatever your application’s content is, you’ll need to examine every aspect of it to determine if people can tailor it to the needs and expectations of your international users.

Just as well, a multilingual feature via an embedded analytics platform is necessary because you won’t want to use AI to translate language on the fly dynamically– it’s just not accurate. Still, it requires human review, and the instant results are often unreadable depending on the language.

For example, Spanish comes in many local dialects, and the dynamic translation may be wrong for your users. There are other downfalls to auto-translation as well. AI cannot translate context, which is at the heart of most languages. Depending on the mistake, mistakes made by AI-generated translations could be quite costly.

So, what’s the solution to one’s multilingual application needs? This is where Yurbi comes in.

Software vendors and developers looking to add dashboards and reporting to their products could benefit from working with Yurbi– especially if you need an analytics tool with multilingual features.

By embedding your software into ours, you and your team can enjoy a seamless experience, ease of use, and tons of powerful features that will let you benefit from not having to code build all of your most-needed reporting features yourself.

What Makes Yurbi Different?

Yurbi supports user-level linguistic translation, which means that each user that logs in can have their language display– not just a one-size-fits-all approach that many similar embedded analytics tools and general BI platforms take.

Remember how we mentioned the pitfalls of dynamic instant translations? We mentioned that because Yurbi does not provide such a service. Rather, we make it possible for users to create a translation file in Yurbi’s software manually so that you can translate information in the best way possible for specific nuances of your language(s).

Just as well, Yurbi’s multilingual feature is not just for languages. You need to translate terminology into synonyms that align with your brand language. Perhaps your brand doesn’t say “Reports” but rather says “Documents.”

That’s the real benefit of our model– it can be used to create a complete translation into another language or just for changing terms to match your brand’s lingo.

Yurbi also provides localization options related to currency symbols, dates, and other aspects.

How Can Yurbi Help With Multilingual Embedded Analytics?

We covered some basics above, but Yurbi provides a lot of other value compared to similar feature BI products.

Cost. The build vs. buy decision when partnering with an embedded partner is key. Why spend more on a BI partner than the cost of developing a core set of features yourself or more than the intrinsic value to your customers? Yurbi offers a unique flat-price model so that as you grow, you’re not penalized in cost.

Self-Hosted. One way that Yurbi can offer a unique pricing model is because Yurbi isn’t a cloud-BI platform. We don’t have a recurring cost of infrastructure for your environment.

This means that you can control the embedded software, have tighter integration, maintain the security of your data without exposing it to a 3rd party vendor’s network, and share in the cost savings. It’s a win/win all around to download and install Yurbi in your environment.

Support. Perhaps the biggest advantage when compared to our larger competitors. As a bootstrapped, small firm, you work with the team that does the development, the implementation, and solves the problems. No fighting through multiple tiers of support and screaming at some partner manager to escalate your issue.

The Yurbi team takes a customer-centric development approach, meaning that when our customers ask for something, we implement it. Plus, for customers who want to outsource to a team of experts to help them, we offer “Done For You” professional services to make it happen.

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