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From cars to clothes to packaged vacations, we all want experiences customized to our specifications and needs. Unlike Burger King, where we can have it our way at a fair price, in most cases customizing things means paying a lot of extra costs. Sadly, the same is true of most business intelligence (BI) tools.

Data-Security Requirements for Internal IT Managers

For example, let’s say you’re an IT manager working inside a complex business environment. Your first concern is data security, and you want a fortified and efficient way to communicate data and reports company-wide. Ideally, each department should only be able to see their own data, while the executives need the ability to look across multiple departments.

You want a reporting solution that meets all the requirements of your complex environment gives everyone access to the data they need, without you having to spend time replicating each dashboard or report for each department. The reality is that many BI tools don’t support data level security, at least without jumping through lots of technical hoops, or it’s an expensive add on. So you may be stuck with a BI tool where this level of customization isn’t feasible.

And without data-level security, that means creating an operations and change management nightmare, by creating and maintaining separate dashboards and reports just to hardcode security for each department.

Data-Security Requirements for Software Vendors

Or maybe you’re a software vendor, and you want to embed a BI tool into your existing application seamlessly. Your software customers need the ability to run the same dashboards and reports and be able to create subsets of data based on their needs, but it’s vital that they only ever be able to see their own data.

This means you need multi-tenant data-level security. But in your search for BI tools, you find that the tools that generally provide these features, consider you an enterprise lead and charge you a hefty enterprise price. You want an affordable embedded analytics tool that is user-friendly, easy and straightforward.

You can’t embed dashboards and reports into any business environment if the BI tool doesn’t support data security. In the new economy, data is too valuable to leave it unsecured.

Allow me to introduce the embedded analytics solution of your dreams – Yurbi.

Secure and User-Friendly Embedded Analytics in Yurbi

Yurbi combines the user-friendly ease of self-service business intelligence with the power of enterprise solutions, such as ensuring data level and multi-tenant security – so it’s easy to use and safe.

Also, Yurbi is highly customizable. Yurbi will fit your business needs like an expensive, tailored suit only at a much more affordable price-point than other embedded analytic solutions.

Here are some of the ways you can customize your data control (and increase your data security) using Yurbi:

  • Access Control: Explicitly define and limit who has permission to take action on, or view, specific databases within your business environment. Access control is ideal if your departments or customers have their own isolated data sources.
  • Report and Dashboard Control: Yurbi gives you precise control. You can designate which users, groups, or tenants have access to specific folders, reports, and dashboards within Yurbi. The more control over data access you have, the smaller your attack surface is.
  • Field Level Access: Having access to a data source doesn’t mean a user or group has permission to all elements stored in that database. With Yurbi, you can specifically provide the proper subset of data fields for each department.
  • Role-Based Access: Grant exact privileges for each user, group, or tenant for a specific database. Tailor each user experience to give them the particular control they require whether that is view-only, the ability to edit, modify, or delete existing folders and reports, or the ability to build new reports from the data source.
  • Data Level Security: At the deepest level of security, apply specific policies to limit the data retrieved from a database. Data level security means that two people can look at the same dashboard or report, but Yurbi will automatically apply defined security policies, so they each only see the data they’re allowed.

Yurbi applies high-security data control seamlessly to all functions within the embedded BI tool. Whether the user is viewing, building, scheduling, or exporting data, they are only seeing and manipulating their own tenant data.

With Yurbi’s audit features, you have built-in accountability and can run reports and see what each user is doing.

Take Back Control with Yurbi

In the days of spear-phishing campaigns, breaches, and stringent data privacy legislation, you want to ensure your company’s attack surface is small and that accessing data is highly controlled.

Yurbi lets you control who can see what information in a user-friendly, highly customizable, affordable package. When you implement Yurbi, you’re also getting data-security peace of mind. Your business will run smoother and faster, which makes everybody from the CEO to the customer happy. But, with Yurbi’s data level security, the IT cybersecurity team will be the most pleased of all!

With Yurbi, you have the confidence in knowing the marketing intern doesn’t get to view the data that only the CFO should be seeing. No one will get unauthorized access to any data. However, you won’t have to spend time creating individual departmental dashboards and reports. You’ll build one dashboard or report and share it will everyone, company-wide. When they access it, they’ll only get to lay eyes on the data you’ve permitted them to see without having to hardcode restrictions. You’ll feel relieved that, without having to turn to expensive developers, you have limited your human attack surface by restricting data access as well as limiting your potential at making security errors.

Learn more about what Yurbi can do for your company’s data and your peace of mind, contact us to discuss your requirements and how Yurbi can help.

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