Use Case: We Need An Embedded Analytics Solution That Supports Single Sign-On (SSO)

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We Need An Embedded Analytics Solution That Supports Single Sign-On (SSO)

We are a digital society built on passwords: passwords for social media, passwords for online banking, passwords to access personal and professional networks, passwords for movie streaming. To practice good cybersecurity, we need robust and unique passwords for everything, and we need to remember them all (without using hackable apps and insecure sticky notes).

If you have created software and want to embed a business intelligence tool into your existing application, you don’t want your users to log in more than once to access their data. It’s a hassle to do so and adds to their never-ending list of passwords to remember. You want to make their experience easy – log in once, on the main application, and have access to the business intelligence software that you’ve embedded.

An IT Manager in a complex business environment who maintains multiple applications and databases wants their network users to access business intelligence tools without managing a list of passwords unique to each – it’s not good from a cybersecurity perspective. You want to reduce your attack surface by having a single sign-on (SSO) capability. SSO allows for greater control while keeping life simple for the users.

In both cases, you want a reporting solution tailored to your business environment, allowing users to access the information they need without having to log in with separate user IDs and passwords. Single Sign-On helps to simplify your security.

You’ve encountered the problem that not all business intelligence tools support SSO. If they can’t support standard authentication methods, you can’t safely embed them into your software or network. In the digital economy, where data is as valuable as oil, phishing campaigns and breaches are the enemies you face daily.

That means you can’t just have generic access for all users. Everyone must carry all users’ permissions and roles into the business intelligence solution. You want the security of an SSO in a straightforward setup that won’t require hiring expensive consultants.

That’s where Yurbi comes in.

Yurbi keeps sign-on, simple.

You’ve probably heard the acronym KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Yurbi has its version of KISS – Keep It Single Sign-On. Yurbi combines the ease of self-service business intelligence with the power of enterprise solutions, such as SSO. SSO is easier for the user, and it’s better for data security. With Yurbi, you can even customize your SSO methods.

How you plan to use the business intelligence software will determine the best method for users to sign on. Here are four SSO methods that Yurbi provides:

  • HTTP Parameters: You can use a specific user ID and get a user-specific session token via the Yurbi API. The token can be used to authenticate the user with Yurbi seamlessly, and all their security profiles remain enforced.
  • HTTP Header Rewrite: Using an SSO solution to rewrite the Yurbi webpage header. You can insert a secret token that will allow a user ID to be automatically authenticated.
  • Windows Active Directory Authentication: Yurbi runs on a Windows Server under IIS, so we provide the option of using IIS pass-through and using the existing network login of the user.
  • Guest Viewing Embedding: Not precisely an SSO option, with Yurbi, you can turn off security and make a report available to any viewer. You can embed the report within your application and then leverage your security to see it. You can also set parameters to control what data is shown. Note: This method is only viable when you don’t need multi-tenant security or if you can effectively maintain a unique dashboard/report per embed.

No matter which of the four SSO methods you use, Yurbi provides complete audit logs of who runs which reports (except for Guest View – then we know the report was run, but not by who). The audit logs are vital to data governance and ensuring cybersecurity best practices.

What does this mean for you and your business in SSO?

Fewer headaches and better security without having to pay for expensive consultants.

Yurbi will give users a seamless experience by accessing self-service business intelligence tools with fortified data security. Your business will run smoother and faster, which will make everyone on the team happy, from the customer, who’s getting the quickest and most secure service possible, to the CEO – and the best part is that users won’t have to create and remember a slew of passwords to access the business intelligence tools they need.

Fewer passwords mean fewer weaknesses in your data security and fewer headaches for your IT department.

Yurbi is modern business intelligence software created to make your job easier, and your security stronger.

Learn more about Yurbi and its SSO feature; contact us to discuss your needs and how Yurbi can help keep your password requirements under control.

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