Use Case: We Want An Embedded Analytics Tool We Can White Label And Match To Our Brand

Yurbi - White Label Embedded Analytics

Data is indispensable in this day and age and yet, you’re struggling with it every day.

Your team isn’t clear on how to use it, your users may not feel comfortable using third-party solutions, and what’s even worse – your white label business intelligence tool doesn’t care.

And if your head hurts just thinking about the fees you’d have to pay to customize your business intelligence tool and remove their branding, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been there.

Technology Should Energize Teams and Yet, It Exhausts

Technology is exhausting our teams.

Most employees are suffering from tech fatigue because of the business intelligence tools they have to use every day. 64% of them even say that they have too many applications for the tasks they’re performing.

It takes too many tools to get the job done and with all the different logins, hyperlinks, product names, staying informed when doing business is becoming a real chore.

The technology is standing in the spotlight, and it shouldn’t be.

Our teams deserve to be there.

The best place for technology is behind the scenes, where it’s perfectly customized and automated to fit your business needs.

And if you have your own brand with tech you’re selling to customers, you don’t want the partner tool you’ve chosen to put their branding everywhere.

It’s your solution – you’re out there with the customers.

Every single day.

Here at Yurbi, we believe in leveraging technology to enhance your brand. Not diminish it.

There’s no place for our advertising in our clients’ solutions.

We provide business intelligence, but you make up for the other 99% of the formula that makes you successful.

Forget about “Powered by”

We’re comfortable taking the back seat in your route to success. Our tech makes you look good, and we’re happy to help.

How is our white label business intelligence tool different?

We know you need business intelligence to grow your business and revenue. Our tool offers everything you need – from analytics to reporting.

However, our team understands the unique challenges your business faces so flexibility has been integrated in our product.

There are four key features that allow Yurbi to be the best white label business intelligence partner for your business:

1. Our interface is fully customizable.

Since it’s coded in an HTML5 and JavaScript based Web interface, you can modify all the visuals like logos and colors to match your brand.

And to help the customers pick up what you’re laying down, you can customize the words and out of the box phrases in Yurbi:

  • Links
  • Files
  • Terminology
  • Phrases

This allows your customers and users to think of the white-labelled solution as a part of your brand.

While other business intelligence tools want free advertising space from their clients, Yurbi is not that high-maintenance.

We’re here to support and enhance your brand so your employees and your clients can think of everything you do as uniquely your own.

After all, you’re the one helping them succeed, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And when they see a logo they know and love, all the barriers to adoption are erased.

2. Switching the control back to you

If you’re using our tool, it’s your tool, too.

Yurbi is an on-premise software you can install on your servers. That way, you have total control over what the URLs are.

You’re making the magic happen – your URLs are on your company domain. Not ours.

The way you view your dashboards is entirely up to you, as well.

You can build and personalize your views and filters to help you make better, targeted decisions with a single click.

And if you want to share it with the rest of the team, all it takes is a second and everyone will be up to date.

3. Integrations

There are few things worse than having to keep ten tabs open and ten programs running in the background to finish a single task.

With Yurbi, we’re proactively fighting app sprawl and tech fatigue.

You can embed all dashboards and reports into other web applications.

Your data can be where your users expect it to be, without having to use numerous other applications.

You don’t even need developer experience to deploy and start helping your company or your clients.

Yurbi is created to be easy to understand, while providing you with all the features you need to stay ahead of the curve.

For more advanced users, we offer detailed support for integrating Yurbi into software and applications that your employees and clients trust.

Our software supports custom JavaScript so feel free to add all the additional features you need to succeed, or remove the ones you don’t use.

Let’s keep your workflow intuitive and efficient.

4. Seamless experience

Forget about logging in every time you or your users want to use the software.

In fact, while we’re at it – forget about having to memorize countless passwords.

Yurbi offers support for many Single Sign On methods because of our Rest API.

You and your users can have a seamless experience.

You have complete control over who gets to see what when you’re building your datasets.

You can send the right information to the right people, fighting data silos while keeping your information secure at all times.

Additionally, users can schedule automated reports and access Yurbi on the go with the mobile app.

You and your team choose how you handle data – we just give you options.

A Better White Label Business Intelligence Tool

Data is the new way to succeed.

With access to insights that allow you to personalize your products and services for millions with the ease that makes you feel as though you’re doing it for one client, your business can stay competitive.

And our tool, Yurbi, makes sure that the whole world knows it’s you.

You don’t just get access to business intelligence.

You get access to tools that help you enhance your brand.

All within one software.

Get in touch with us and see how Yurbi can help your business.

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