User-Friendly Business Intelligence; What To Do When Your Report Developer’s Too Busy

TheDevelopersTooBusyWhen we’re talking with organizations about their business intelligence options, we often find there’s a vast disconnect between those who need information (requesters) and those who provide it (developers). In most cases that’s because the organization is using a traditional BI solution instead of an agile solution.

The Problem: Traditional BI Solutions Require Developer Involvement
A traditional solution (often referred to as a legacy solution) can’t be leveraged by the end user- it requires the skill of a highly trained developer. And unfortunately, the developer who is pulling data and compiling reports for the requester doesn’t have a full understanding of the data’s significance or how it will be used. Likewise, the requester may not clearly explain what data he or she needs, and typically does not know how difficult or time consuming it is for the developer that information.

We weren’t surprised that a study found almost half of non-technical respondents stated they were disappointed with IT’s ability to deliver BI functionality, and one quarter of respondents said they could not get to their data easily.+ Suffice it to say, the disconnect between developers and requesters has many ramifications, including the fact that despite the developers’ best efforts, the requesters often don’t get the data they need. When they do, it’s frequently outdated.

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The Solution: A User-friendly BI Tool Puts an End to Developer Dependence
The good news is, an business user-friendly BI tool can put an end to business user’s dependence on IT. Unlike traditional BI tools, business-friendly BI solutions like Yurbi were created specifically for the non-technical end user to leverage. So, instead of waiting for a developer to pull data, create a report or build a dashboard, the business user can do so him or herself. This self-service approach may have IT concerned about security, but Yurbi’s Role Based Access Control and other security features ensure users only have access to data the administrator deems necessary.

Other benefits of Yurbi include:

  • A simple drag and drop interface delivers DIY power to small business owners, executives and every member of their team. No coding required!
  • Access to a self-service library and complete set of real-time dynamic dashboards that combine data from multiple sources, so you can create the unique BI experience you and your team need to succeed.
  • Data discovery features allow Yurbi users to “slice and dice” data so they can quickly get the information they need and spot trends that otherwise may have been missed.
  • Affordability! Unlike the big price tags of traditional solutions such as SAP Business Objects, QlikView or Oracle BI, Yurbi is priced right for small to medium-sized organizations. Yurbi starts at just $495 per user, per month.

Best yet, when your developers are freed from creating reports, they have more time to focus on other business priorities.

To learn more about the hidden costs of bad (or no) BI, download our e-book. If you’re ready to take the next step, the Yurbi Pricing Guide gives you all the hard numbers you need to calculate your BI costs and develop your usage strategy.


Click here to download “4 Signs Your Users Are Frustrated With Your BI Solution”

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