Why Yurbi App Shield is Perfect for OEM Embedded Reporting or White Label Branded Portals

What Your Boss Wants From Business IntelligenceAt 5000fish, we often work with SaaS and cloud-based companies who are looking to embed Yurbi into their systems as a white label or OEM product in order to create a more seamless Business Intelligence user experience.

These customers typically require multi-tenant access because they have many users who need access to Yurbi’s dashboards and reporting within the cloud. And with so many users pulling reports and logging into the system, our customers need to ensure that the data being pulled and viewed within their systems is very secure.

How App Shield Works with Multi-Tenant Security

SaaS and cloud-based vendors require multi-tenant security, and many of these vendors have had to manually hard code security restrictions within their databases in order to achieve the level of security that they need and enable the business intelligence product to work effectively.

This is where Yurbi’s App Shield emerges as the hero. App Shield’s database-level security is perfect for multi-tenant security use cases because App Shield allows administrators to create security policies for each user that apply to the entire database. These security policies are applied to everything a user does within Yurbi, from viewing dashboards to running reports.

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App Shield’s database-level of security is especially important because it prevents users from being able to see other users’ data by accident, due to either a back door in a part of the product or by human error when pulling a report.

How App Shield Works with Single Schema, Multi Schema, and Multiple Databases

Cloud and SaaS vendors have different types of database architectures, but App Shield is able to work in most database environments. Here is how App Shield works with single schema, multi schema, and multiple database architectures:

  • Single schema, multi-tenant environment: In a single schema, multi-tenant environment, the vendor has one large database with a long list of unique tenant ID’s that are attached to all information associated with that ID’s owner. With App Shield, if a tenant’s ID was 12345, the only information that tenant would be able to see within his or her dashboards and database queries would be the information associated with that specific ID.
  • Multi schema, multi-tenant environment: In a multi-schema, multi-tenant environment, the cloud or SaaS provider stores many separate data tables in one database, and each table set is representative of an individual user or organization. This type of environment makes security more complex, and if you’re hard coding the security it’s much more time consuming and there are more room for errors. However, App Shield is able to handle this environment and apply the security restrictions an administrator sets to each separate data set.
  • Multiple database, multi-tenant environment: In a multiple database environment, every customer is represented in separate databases. App Shield is flexible enough to efficiently secure each separate database within this type of environment.

The Bottom Line

App Shield’s flexibility and automation make it perfect for multi-tenant environments. The process of applying security profiles in all of these environments is completely seamless with App Shield because it applies the security on the backend of the product. This is a contrast to other products, where the business intelligence administrator must hard code security restrictions before running and pulling reports, which decreases efficiency and security by leaving more room for human error.

Plus, 5000fish’s Customer Success team will always provide OEM and white label customers with scripts and pieces of code where they can auto-provision and create each security profile. Many of these scripts can then be automated, which is especially helpful during user growth periods because the cloud or SaaS provider doesn’t have to keep setting up new user security profiles for similar users. With App Shield, cloud and SaaS vendors can rest assured that their data will meet the level of security standards they are looking for.

Want to know more about Yurbi’s OEM or white label options? Give us a call or contact us today!

To learn more about the challenges that accompany embedded reporting, check out our whitepaper, Top 5 Challenges of Embedded Reporting.

Click here to see an online demo of Yurbi

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