Dashboards and Reports for Your Team

Everyone on the same data-driven page with a centralized reporting platform

How It Works

Connect to your data and start building reports in minutes.


Install Yurbi

In less time than drinking a cup of coffee, install Yurbi on a Windows Server on your private network, always behind your firewall.

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Connect to Your Data

Connect to as many databases, Excel, or CSV files as you need translate raw data into business use cases.

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Build and Deploy

No development experience needed, build interactive reports and dashboards and deploy to your team.

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Use Cases

A complete BI Platform for your current and future needs.

Interactive Dashboards

Real-time access to all your connected data sources in one view. View-only users can drill-down, analyze data, and build and personalize their own views.

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Shared Repository of Reports

Organize dashboards and reports in a secure, searchable, centralized library of reports and dashboards so data is literally at your fingertips.

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User Driven Report Building

Build database queries and convert them into visualizations without requiring database knowledge or writing SQL queries.

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Notifications and Schedule

Users can schedule reports for automatic delivery via email so they can be kept in the loop with the information they need when they need it.

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FastCache Dashboards

Reduce load on databases and improve display time of complex dashboards by enabling caching (without sacrificing security or user personalization).

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Mobile Access

Access data while on the go. No apps needed, simply connect via smartphone and tablet browsers for an optimized view of dashboards and reports.

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Data Level Security

Don't sacrifice security for ease of use. Dynamically apply security to ensure all users have access to only the data they should.

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Setup Your Brand

Make your company the hero of the story. Customize Yurbi with your logo and company colors to give your dashboards and reports the home team advantage.

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More than dashboard software, add a team of experts to your team

More than a software provider, we become a virtual extension of your team. We're a team of always-ready, always-accountable, always-helpful specialists that help you maximize the use of Yurbi in your application.

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More than dashboard software, add a team of experts to your team

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