Yurbi Overview Webinar

Original Date: December 16, 2015 | Length: 59:38

NOTE:  The audio and video of the slides are out of sync in this video for the first 6 minutes.  The product demonstrations starts at the 6:00 minute mark and video and audio are in sync.

Learn about Yurbi and its features

Yurbi is designed for business users but powerful enough to be the BI platform for growing businesses. In this webinar we will be providing a high level demonstration of Yurbi and specifically cover:

  • Drag and Drop Dashboard – We’ll review dashboard functionality and build one
  • Self Service Library features of Yurbi – We’ll run, schedule, and as a build edit reports in the Library
  • Code-less Report Builder – We’ll cover the basics of a Yurbi App and how to build reports and charts
  • Admin Panel – We discuss how to leverage the audit and security features of Yurbi

We also answer some Q&A from the attendees.

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