Dynamic Dashboard Scenario - Overview Webinar Series

Original Date:  March 19, 2015   |  Length:  1:01:00

Dynamic Dashboard Scenario – Yurbi Overview Webinar Series

In this webinar we use a specific scenario to do an overview of Yurbi and it’s capabilities.   For this webinar the scenario is an organization that wants to allow each of their sales reps the ability to have a personal dashboard of tickets for each of their customers.

In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Overview of the Yurbi report building process and how to create a data grid style report with multiple filter/prompt criteria.  We also create a pivot table report with a drill down to a detailed report.
  • Overview of the Yurbi Dashboard building process as a default template for the Customer Ticket dashboard is created and saved in the Library
  • Overview of the Yurbi Self-Service Library as a sales person searches, navigates, and favorites the Customer Ticket reports.
  • Overview of the Yurbi Dashboard as the sales person personalizes their own version of the Customer Ticket dashboard.
  • Resources Available

We also answered a few questions at the end.

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