White Label Embedded Dashboards and Reports for Software Vendors

A white label BI Platform that's powerful and affordable.

How It Works

Connect to your data and start building reports in minutes.


Install Yurbi

Install Yurbi in your AWS, Azure, or private cloud environment on a server you control, behind your firewall or even on your customer locations.

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Connect to Your Data

Connect to the databases where your customer data is stored. We don't mind if it's a single multi-tenant database or a database per customer.

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Build and Deploy

Quickly deploy a branded portal, seamlessly embed dashboards and reports into your software, or use the API for a highly customized integration.

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Use Cases

Branded portals and embedded analytics with a robust API for seamless integration.

Affordable Pricing

We understand the build vs buy decision and have a model that scales with you so you don't have heartburn due to accelerating costs as you grow.

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Multi-Tenant Security

Configure tenant and sub-tenant policies to ensure everyone has access to only what they should. Doesn't matter if it's all in one data or multiple.

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Fast Cache

FastCache Dashboards

Enable caching of specific dashboards to provide end-users with a fast display of metrics and reports (without sacrificing security or user personalization).

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Single Sign On

No need for users to log in twice. Integrate with Yurbi's API for seamless login and provisioning of your contact and security profiles.

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Embedded Dashboards and Reports

Quickly embed Yurbi reports using our out-of-the-box embed link or go deeper than an iframe with javascript embeds.

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User Driven Reporting

Provide your customers with the ability to create reports or if you prefer, build all the reports for your users without needing to use your development team.

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Hybrid Environments

Deploy Yurbi in all the places you require. Self-hosted, in the cloud, multiple virtual environments for your large customers, or even on-premise.

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API Integration

More than just a front-end, Yurbi provides you with a complete and scalable API so that you can leverage your own front-end designs with or build custom integrations and features.

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White Label / Branding

Customize our HTML5/Javascript interface with your own style sheets and code. Our support team will help, but our existing interface gives you a great set of examples to follow.

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Multi-Lingual Support

Looking for a multi-lingual capable branded portal? Translate Yurbi into the language of your users' preference. Customize all phrases in Yurbi for language or easy terminology changes.

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Dynamic Data Tags

Have a complex environment with multiple tenants, databases, languages, time zones, and more? Assign users personal tags which pass dynamically to Yurbi components.

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More than reporting software, add a team of BI experts to your team

More than a software provider, we become a virtual extension of your team. We're a team of always-ready, always-accountable, always-helpful specialists that help you maximize the use of Yurbi in your application.

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More than reporting software, add a team of BI experts to your team

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