Setup Your Brand

We’ve got great news: Yurbi can now be customized to reflect your organization’s brand. Go ahead and dazzle your users by branding Yurbi’s Interfaces.


Swap the Yurbi logo out for yours on the desktop and mobile interfaces and voilà- your brand becomes synonymous with brilliant, on-target analytics.


Change the color palette of the Yurbi interface to harmonize with your brand and allow users to stay focused on what matters most: your data.

Login Page

Yurbi’s login page is a blank canvas, giving you the freedom to create a message that’s perfectly aligned with your brand’s voice.

Output with Style

Yurbi’s branding power transcends the web interface. Yurbi makes it cinch to customize a multitude of options so report outputs boast branding pizzazz.

Report Banners

From text to banner graphics, customized headers transform lackluster reports into eye-catching, informative documents.


Elevate the impact of your dashboards, report printouts and exports by adding your logo, context or customized header.

Email Notifications

Say so long to humdrum email notifications. Yurbi gives you the power to configure the message subject and message body to reflect your brand and its distinctive message.

OEM Options

Yurbi was built for flexibility. Integrate Yurbi with your current solution or as an extension of your existing services, the choice is yours. Contact us for more information on OEM opportunities.

White Label

Wow your clients and impress your prospects by making Yurbi uniquely yours. Remove the “Powered by Yurbi” label and brand Yurbi to blend flawlessly with your other offerings.

Package Apps and Reports

Yurbi makes life easy. Create a Yurbi App specific to your data sources with a set of reports and dashboards that are automatically installed each time you deploy Yurbi. Bonus: Use Yurbi to set up your unique content as a licensable item.

Seamless Product Integration

Yurbi’s powerful branding and embedding options give your customers the enhanced experience they’re craving. Best yet, because Yurbi is installed on your serves, users enjoy seamless access via your fully branded portal.

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