Designed for Business Users

No technical expertise, just insights. Yurbi’s intuitive interface gives everyone in your organization the power to access to real time data and convert it to actionable data grids, visualizations, and metrics, all without help from IT.

No Code Needed

There's no need to write any SQL queries with Yurbi (unless you want to). With Yurbi’s intuitive drag and drop features, anyone can create a rich report.

Seamless and Consistent

Time is a precious commodity. That’s why Yurbi provides a simple and consistent way to combine multiple data sources and generate powerful reports without the hassle of learning a slew of reporting methods.

Users and IT can be Happy

Free up IT and eliminate your army of report developers. Yurbi’s uncomplicated process gets users excited about data, and gives them the confidence to build reports that answer their tough questions.


Yurbi’s advanced yet flexible security controls give IT peace of mind. Users have access to the information they need, but are blocked from areas outside their domain.

App Level Security

Yurbi simplifies security. With easy to manage single-click permissions, turning report building access on and off is effortless.

Data Level Security

With Yurbi, you can define exactly what portion of the data a report builder or security group can see, and Yurbi’s App Shield applies the constraints at the database query level.

Audit Trail

Yurbi includes enterprise level auditing so you can quickly discover how your users are leveraging Yurbi, what resources they’re accessing, and query results.

Power Users Rejoice

Designing software that’s powerful yet intuitive isn’t easy, but we think Yurbi hits the mark.

Linked Reports

Yurbi’s Linked Report feature is supported by a wizard that lets you combine real-time data from multiple apps and databases just like a pro.

Drill Downs and Smart Links

With Yurbi, report builders enjoy unprecedented authority to convert any report field into a drill down or smart link- no coding required!

Robust Criteria

Yurbi’s intuitive Criteria Builder let's you create powerful Boolean expressions with none of the technical complexity. Pull the exact data needed or make the report dynamic so users decide the criteria later.

Easy to Manage

Yurbi Apps are the "secret sauce" that make reporting in the Yurbi Builder effortless.

Build and Modify Apps

Flexible and smart, Yurbi gives Architect Role users the ability to go into edit mode right from the Builder to create and modify Yurbi Apps that meet end user needs.


Yurbi’s innovative user management settings allow you to quickly choose which users can build reports for a specific data source, and what data they can view.

Superhero Support

Our Customer Success team might not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but they’re standing by to help you succeed. If you prefer the DIY approach, explore Yurbi’s self-service videos and articles.

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