Consolidate Information

Imagine your data distilled in real time according to your organization’s unique specifications. Yurbi’s dashboards bring this vision to life.

Multiple Dashboards

If two heads do better than one, think of what the limitless dashboards Yurbi provides can help you accomplish – especially when you can toggle from screen to screen so nimbly.


Is your information strewn about across multiple databases, making BI a pain? Yurbi pulls out all the stops for you, bringing any data you need together in one location.

More Than Just Data

BI isn’t just about data. That’s why Yurbi enables the addition of websites, documents, embeddable objects and more for a 360-degree view of your actionable information.

Powerful Analysis

Analysis isn’t just looking at a bunch of static charts and numbers; it’s exploring your information to gain greater insight. Yurbi’s flexible interface lets you ask the right questions and actually use your data to improve your business.


Filters in Yurbi that control date ranges, customer names and any other configured values your little heart desires help you cull your data down to the exact insights you seek.

Drill-Down Capabilities

Curious about what’s behind Chart No. 3? Click on any of Yurbi’s charts or data values to access all the details.

Smart Links

Data is smart. Integrated data is even smarter. With Yurbi, you can pass data to external applications through simple hyperlinks and unite your BI efforts.

Create Your Own Dashboard

We know that in today’s market, customization is king. Whether through personalizing saved dashboards or creating dashboards from scratch, we’ve built Yurbi so that you can create the BI experience you and your team needs to succeed.

Drag and Drop

Here’s how easy it is to create a dashboard using Yurbi’s design wizard: Click, drag, drop. No technical skills required.


Sharing is caring. That’s why Yurbi dashboards can be distributed so easily to others – both in house or outside your team.

Find Favorites

Check out all your dashboard options in Yurbi’s library for a quick fix or just a smidge of inspiration. Specify certain dashboards as favorites to have quick access to them later.

Take It With You

Today’s business world is mobile, so Yurbi is too. Access the data you need to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere, from any device you have in front of you with Yurbi.

Mobile View

Dashboards here, dashboards there, dashboards everywhere! Yurbi isn’t just on computers; it’s on smartphones and tablets worldwide as well, bringing your data to you wherever you may roam.


For the times when paper is the best way to do business, Yurbi’s print feature gives you high-quality output without the hassles of reformatting and resizing first.

On the Big Screen

Have a presentation? Yurbi loves the limelight! Wow your audience with real-time metrics you can access in a flash and share on large displays.

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