Take Yurbi Where You Are

Yurbi was designed to provide an optimized experience for mobile users. Whether you’re boarding a plane or headed into a meeting, Yurbi delivers real-time data to the palm of your hand.

Smartphone and Tablet Enabled

Whether you’re accessing a dashboard via your smartphone or building a report using your tablet, Yurbi is perfectly designed to make the process seamless.

No App Needed

Say so long to the app store, Yurbi is a 100% HTML5 application. Simply open up any browser on your smartphone or tablet and connect to your organization's Yurbi server address in seconds.

Not Connected? No Problem

Sometimes you need access to your data when you’re offline and can’t connect to the real-time Yurbi server. Prepare ahead of time by sending Yurbi reports to yourself as an email, then use your mobile device to view the reports as an attachment.

The power of HTML5

Yurbi is designed in HTML5, the latest standard of the Internet, for good reason. For starters, there’s no need for plug-ins, it’s a cinch to access, and HTML5 enjoys nearly universal support among today’s modern devices.

Apple Devices Supported

Whether you have the latest iPad or iPhone or an older one, Yurbi integrates flawlessly. In fact, Yurbi works perfectly in Safari or other browsers from IOS 6.1 and above.

Android Devices Supported

Android users, we’ve got good news. You can access all of your Yurbi data on Android phones and tablets as far back as version 1.5. If you’re using Android version 4.0 or higher, you’ll find Yurbi works flawlessly in Chrome browser.

Windows and Others Supported

Thanks to HTML5’s broad support, you can access the Yurbi mobile interface whether you have a Windows, Blackberry, Amazon, or Nokia device.

Seamless Security

With Yurbi you’ll never have to sacrifice data security to enjoy effortless access. Yurbi strictly enforces all security roles and data profiles for mobile users- just as if they were working from their desktop.

Security Enforced

Administrators can sleep easy at night knowing that security groups, user specific permissions and App Shield policies are enforced on mobile devices with the same gusto they are on desktops.

SSL Certificates

What they say about an ounce of prevention is certainly true when it comes to data security. That’s why Yurbi fully supports (and encourages) the use of SSL Certificates that ensure your organization’s communication is encrypted and secure in the mobile world.

Audit Activity

Yurbi offers robust audit features that monitor user mobile activity. From who’s logging in to who’s creating, viewing, exporting, and printing reports, all activity that takes place on mobile is tracked and auditable.

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