Multi-Level Security

Yurbi’s innovative, enterprise quality security features ensure your users only have access to the level of information you deem appropriate.


When it comes to security, Yurbi puts you in control. With just one click the Administrator can turn on or off user access to Yurbi Apps.

Role Based

Yurbi’s Role Based Access Control (RBAC) model helps you manage what data a user has access to, as well as what they can do per data source. Allow user building rights to one Yurbi App, but limit access to only viewing pre-built reports from another Yurbi App.

Field Level

Yurbi’s App Shield security feature allows you to configure field-level security policies to control exactly what information a user or group can see.

App Security

Yurbi delivers power without complexity. A Yurbi App is a virtual representation of each data source that Yurbi can talk to, and each one can be configured with security in mind.

Security by Design

Customization is the nucleus of Yurbi’s power. Have two groups accessing the same data source? Simply create a unique Yurbi App for each group, and include only the data fields each one needs.

App Shield

Creating duplicate reports just to abide by security policies is a thing of the past with Yurbi. Use the App Shield Wizard and in a flash you can restrict report results to only the information a user should have access to.

Seamless Security

Security doesn’t get any easier than this. Use the Yurbi App Shield to develop security policies that control exactly what information a user or group can see, then instantly apply them throughout the entire Yurbi platform.

Data Governance

Data mine the Yurbi security logs to gain insight into key events like login failures, who is running, exporting or deleting reports, and ensure users are leveraging Yurbi to its fullest.


It’s time to demystify auditing, and Yurbi is here to help. Yurbi not only maintains a complete audit log of security, reporting, and user management events, it allows you to configure what events to monitor and set the retention period for the data.


Leverage Yurbi to its potential by establishing reports and scheduling notifications based on specific events gathered in the audit log. Then, optimize Yurbi’s utilization by setting up proactive alarms to alert you to who may not be using their account or which reports aren’t being used.


Optimize the allocation of Yurbi licenses by quickly discovering who has access to each Yurbi App, and monitoring their usage.

Easy to Configure

Security doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, all of Yurbi’s security options are wizard driven and business user friendly- making them a breeze to navigate.

User Provisioning

In less time than it takes to order lunch, Yurbi lets you set up a user, grant access to Yurbi Apps, and define user permissions per App.

Database Access

Yurbi only requires a read-only ODBC connection to your data sources. Leverage security scoping tools within your database to limit the Yurbi user even more.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Logging into Yurbi couldn’t be easier. Yurbi integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, allowing the user to seamlessly log into Yurbi when they are on your network. Yurbi also supports Web Single Sign On applications that integrate well with many web-based applications.

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