Automated Delivery of Data

Yurbi is empowering. Its robust scheduling and notification feature gives end users the freedom to automate the delivery of information without relying on IT.

Self-Service Scheduling

Say so long to the tedious task of running reports. With Yurbi Scheduler Wizard, any report can be set up to automatically run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or in specific minute increments.

Multi-Report Scheduling

Yurbi’s multiple report scheduling feature was built for efficiency. Let’s say you need to receive several reports every Friday. Instead of flooding your inbox, simply create a Schedule Group and have them delivered together.

Team Scheduling

Tired of manually sending reports to team members? With Yurbi you can schedule reports for automatic delivery to other Yurbi users. Each user will get individualized reports based on their security profiles. Yes, it’s really that easy.

Flexible Configurations

With Yurbi Scheduler Wizard, flexible configurations are the name of the game. A slew of options allow you to configure reports to be delivered exactly when and how you want.

Output Formats

Send reports in multiple popular file formats, including HTML, PDF, Microsoft® Excel, and Comma Separated Values (CSV). And don’t stress about security, users receiving a scheduled report only get the data they are authorized to see.

Message Text

Work smarter not harder. Customize the subject and message of emails so at a quick glance you can recognize new reports. Use mailbox filters to categorize and/or archive reports and suddenly you’ve kicked report organization up a notch.

Schedule with Filters

Use Yurbi’s filters to boost productivity. Apply filters when saving a report schedule, and instead of getting the entire report you’ll only receive the set of data you want, such as a specific customer or location.

Trigger Notifications

Whereas scheduled reports are delivered on an exact day at a predetermined time, trigger notifications can be leveraged to send a report whenever specific conditions of a report produce data.

Notification Engine

With Yurbi, knowledge is power. Yurbi only sends a scheduled email when a report returns data. So reports configured to look for very specific situations, such as "priority 1 tickets opened in the last 15 minutes" can be queried every 15 minutes, and a notification will be sent when the query returns a result.

Easy to Manage

Users crave independence and Yurbi delivers. With Yurbi, users enjoy the freedom to turn on and off all scheduled reports and notifications right from their user preferences- no help from IT or admin necessary.

Perfect for SLAs

Configuring SLA notification in business applications can be complex and require additional licenses. Extend the audience of "need to know" stakeholder notifications with Yurbi.


Rest assured, Yurbi doesn’t compromise security for ease of use. Security policies form the foundation of the Yurbi Platform and are systematically enforced for all scheduled reports and notifications.

Policies Enforced

Users will only receive the data authorized per their security profile. Even in the event someone schedules a report on behalf of another user, the receiving user’s security profile is applied.

Audit Trail

Nothing slips by Yurbi; everything is trackable and available for reporting and notification. For instance, you can set up a report to flag specific occurrences, such as when someone updates their preferences to send email to an external domain.

Email Security

Concerned about email security? Yurbi has you covered. Yurbi leverages your existing email server for delivery of reports and supports SMTP security and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

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