Information at Your Fingertips

Today, the key to your organization’s success is collaboration. We designed the Yurbi Library with this goal in mind. Sharing BI to develop the best courses of action for your business has never been this easy.

Keep It Personal

Your data means something different to each person in your organization. Beyond a public folder for companywide sharing, Yurbi also offers a favorites folder and a personal folder so individuals can access what’s relevant to them swiftly and securely.


Hone in like a hawk on the exact information and reports you’re looking for with Yurbi’s high-powered search function.


Yurbi isn’t just on computers; it’s on smartphones and tablets worldwide as well, bringing your data to you wherever you may roam.

Take Action

When it comes to Yurbi, there is no “try”; there is only “do.” The Yurbi Library takes you beyond mere report running and into a whole new dimension of BI.

Fast Export

Whether the preference is PDF, Excel, or CSV, the Yurbi Library makes exporting report data a snap.


The Yurbi Library also serves as an e-assistant, enabling you to set the report-delivery schedule that works for you best. Let the magic happen from there.


Collaborating with colleagues on a full-access or need-to-know basis happens in a few clicks through Yurbi Library. Our solution can even embed reports on websites!

Perform Analysis

Of course, Yurbi’s mission is to give you the data and tools you need to transform your information into actionable business intelligence. That process begins once your data hits the Report Results screen.

Sort and Filter

Find the real insights you seek with Yurbi Library’s sorting and filtering functions, which dynamically update reports based on the relevant selection criteria you specify.


Spot data trends and patterns instantaneously by dragging and dropping report columns into groups.


Are the numbers putting your team to sleep? Transform your data into engaging charts in Yurbi or even export your information to programs like Microsoft Excel® to shake things up.

Easy to Manage

Keep your whole crew happy with Yurbi Library. Our solution makes it simple for administrators to keep the clutter to a minimum and easy for even the most novice users on your team to navigate and participate in your BI strategy.

Folder Structure

Got folders? Yurbi Library does. Create all the folders you need to manage your data best, and even assign specific permissions to control user access.


Yurbi Library’s multiselect capabilities help you move multiple folders and reports in one fell swoop so you can stay organized.

Report Monitoring

Gain BI on your organization’s BI use by getting meta with Yurbi Library. Run reports to find out who’s using which reports and how often so you can optimize for success.

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