Embed Analytics

Some things are better when shared; we believe data is one of them. That’s why Yurbi makes it simple to put your data exactly where your users can reach it.

Dashboards and Reports

Design a killer dashboard? Create a rich report? With Yurbi you can embed entire dashboards or individual reports into other web pages and web applications, giving you the flexibility to put information where users expect it.

Configurable Options

Yurbi puts power at your fingertips. Configure whether users can export, print, or share embedded data and set up options like embed size and titles.

Looking to OEM?

Make Yurbi yours. Tightly integrate the entire Yurbi interface into your service offerings or software and remove all Yurbi branding. For more information on OEM partnering, please contact us.

Share with Ease

Yurbi offers multiple ways to embed and share data. Report builders and administrators define what options are available per report and business users have the power to access them form the Yurbi Library. From the library, business users can do innovative things, like click a button to embed a report into a website.

Via Link

Want to send your colleague a link to a Yurbi report, or create a bookmark for swift access? Simply select the report from the Yurbi Library and capture a shareable link.

Via Javascript

Want to embed a Yurbi report or dashboard into a webpage or application? No problem. Just copy and paste a snippet of JavaScript into any webpage or application that supports HTML (and thankfully, most do).

via Email

Maybe you’re out of the office and get an urgent call from the head honcho requesting the latest report information. No worries. Use your mobile device to email a report to any authorized Yurbi user via the Library action menu. High-five, you’re a hero.

Don't Sacrifice Security

Yurbi knows there’s a critical balance between sharing information and leaving your organization vulnerable to a security nightmare. – And we’ve found the equilibrium.

Security Enabled

There’s no room for risk taking with security. Yurbi’s multi-level security features guard access to information and even security enabled viewers of embedded reports and dashboards must log in before they can see data.

Multi-Tier Architecture

Sharing information outside your organization's firewall? With Yurbi you can install a presentation layer server in your DMZ to add an extra layer or protection between your internal database and the external embedded site.

SSL Certificates

We fully support (and encourage) installing a SSL certificate on the Yurbi server. This allows you to embed Yurbi dashboards and reports securely within other SSL secured applications.

Security Not Needed?

Admittedly, we’re obsessed with security. But we also realize there may be times when you need to share data publicly or anonymously, such as on the Internet or within a trusted environment like an Intranet.

Public View

Yurbi reports designated as “Public View” give anyone with access to the link or embedded site the ability to view a report or dashboard without logging into Yurbi. That’s a handy feature when embedding in a portal where you enforce security separately, via SharePoint for example.

Guest Library

Roll out the red carpet for non-Yurbi users by making Public View Reports available in the Yurbi Guest Library. Doing so lets them take advantage of many Secured Yurbi Library features such as data analysis, sharing, and exporting data.


Licensing can be complicated, but not with Yurbi. Yurbi gives you the choice to license by User, by Public View Report, or both. The Public View Report license can be a great cost saver for organizations where a large portion of users only need access to embedded, shared, or Guest Library reports and don't require advanced data security protection or scheduled notifications.

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