Embedded Analytics Buyers Guide

Embedded Analytics Buyers Guide

Welcome to your Ultimate Buyers’ Guide for Embedded Analytics.

This guide is for anyone interested in incorporating embedded analytics into their businesses to create a great user experience for your app or product that you want to sell to your customers (whether they be external or internal).

Leveraging embedded analytics will make your product much more desirable to consumers, providing them with access to relevant data and information in real-time, without the need to launch separate BI tools that take away from your brand (and user experience).

Nowadays, customers demand more access to powerful data that your application or product is generating. If you have that unique ability to present your data in a compelling yet creative way — think of having dashboards with amazing charts and detailed information which you can use in handy — you already have that edge above the rest.

While the cost of retail BI tools has come down compared to the days when only the largest companies could afford them, vendors are still charging high prices for embedded analytics. That makes it even more critical to do your due diligence and find the right solution and the right price before you lock into any decision regarding a BI vendor.

Embedded solutions are “sticky.” Once you integrate, and your users become comfortable with the solution, they are very hard to “rip and replace.”

In this guide, the team at 5000fish is going to give you all the collective 20+ years of knowledge in embedded analytics to help you successfully navigate the choppy waters of buying BI software and how to select the best embedded analytics vendor for you.

Chapter Summary

In this buyers’ guide, you will read about the following information on these chapters:

The Cost and Licensing of Embedded Analytics Software

This chapter will tell you why embedded analytics has to be licensed and what it costs you.

Does the Embedded Analytics Software Support My Architect or Tech Stack?

This chapter talks about whether embedded analytics supports your architect or tech stack and what can be done about it.

Can the Embedded Analytics Software Properly Integrate with My Existing Data Model?

In this chapter, you will learn how to integrate embedded analytics with your data model.

How Do I Embed Dashboards and Reports Within My Application?

This chapter discusses how you can embed dashboards inside your application.

Can My Embedded Analytics Software Integrate with my Security?

This chapter will tell you how to integrate your embedded analytics with your existing security systems and setups.

Which Customizations are Possible for Embedded Analytics to Match My Brand?

This chapter tells you everything you must know about customizations for embedded analytics that can match your brand.

When Choosing an Embedded Analytics Solution, Scalability is Key

This chapter talks about the capability of the solutions to be scaled to your expected number of users.

Will My Embedded Analytics Solution Integrate Well With My Billing Strategy?

Lastly, this chapter discusses everything you must know in integrating the solution with your existing billing strategies to ensure a smooth flow.

We know you are very interested in learning more about embedded analytics, so let’s start with the first chapter. You will find the questions to ask in order to learn how an embedded analytics tool is licensed and what it may potentially costs you to get started.

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