Next Steps: Select Your Best Embedded Analytics Solution

Next Steps: Select Your Best Embedded Analytics Solution

You’ve reached the end of this guide, and hopefully, you have gained a lot of insight into the critical things you need to know before selecting an embedded analytics solution.

Our goal was to give you the small things that tend to get forgotten (or covered up by a high pressured sales pitch) so that you don’t lock into a contract and immediately have regret once implementation beings.

As a recap and as a checklist to ensure you know these details, we covered:

  • why embedded analytics has to be licensed, and what does it cost you
  • whether embedded analytics supports your architect or tech stack and what can be done about it
  • how to integrate embedded analytics with your data model
  • how you can embed dashboards inside your application
  • how to integrate your embedded analytics with your existing security systems and setups
  • more about customizations for embedded analytics that can match your brand
  • how capable the solutions are to be scaled to your expected number of users
  • how to integrate your embedded analytics solution with your existing billing strategies to ensure a smooth flow

What’s Next?

At this point, it is undeniable that you need to present your data so that people can understand what those numbers are, what they do to your app, and how they can benefit from it. It can stay as numbers without meaning if you do not have the proper way of showing this data to those who have to see it.

So the next step is working with a short list of vendors to find your ideal embedded analytics solution.

What About Yurbi for Embedded Analytics?

We tried not to make this guide into a sales pitch, but here’s a warning, here comes the pitch.

Hopefully, you’ve figured out by now, Yurbi is an embedded analytics platform. And many of the things you read in this guide, we think about these things as we design Yurbi. We also think about them before we recommend Yurbi to potential customers.

As a small, bootstrapped company, we don’t do hard sales pitches and sell our software to everyone. We try to make sure Yurbi is a good fit first. Why?

An unhappy customer trying to make our software do something it’s not meant for costs us more in support and, quite frankly, mental anguish. Customer service is our first and foremost concern, and we don’t like unhappy customers.

Here’s our pitch to you as we end this guide. If you’re looking for embedded analytics software, contact us, and let’s discuss your requirements.

We’re sure you won’t find a more affordable solution than Yurbi, and for the majority of clients out there, you find our software has the features you need. Not necessarily all the bells and whistles of our billion-dollar competitors, but the features that matter.

Most of all, you have the support of a team backing you that treats you like a VIP. This one is not just another customer out of 1000s that you would be with the larger embedded analytics vendors in the industry.

To learn more about how Yurbi can help you, feel free to give us a call or schedule a live demo to see how we can be of help to your embedded analytics.

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