Next Steps: A Tool To Overcome The Challenges

Next Steps: A Tool To Overcome The Challenges

Embedded reporting is not a walk in the park, and you should still take it seriously because it can have effects on your overall operations without you noticing it. You might see the negative results when it’s too late, when you cannot do many things about it anymore.

You should always keep an eye on these five challenges, and it is important to know that while these may look hard to solve on the surface, it is not an impossible task. There is something else we can do.

How Yurbi Can Help?

Many organizations attempt to answer these challenges by building out their own reporting solutions. In some cases, this is a perfectly viable option that allows the organization to avoid many of the roadblocks associated with choosing an embedded BI feature. However, building a custom solution comes with its own litany of challenges. Instead of tasking your internal team with this monumental task, it is far more beneficial and cost-effective to seek out a solution created by a team that understands – and has been able to overcome – these challenges.

When considering an embedded BI reporting tool, the team at 5000fish recommends Yurbi, a secure, scalable, and customizable feature that delivers the right reporting capabilities to the right end users at the right time.

Yurbi makes it easy for software vendors, SaaS providers, and agencies to brand reports and dashboards into their other features including websites, portals, wikis, and more. The solution will protect the security of your customers’ critical data, allowing the development team to create user profiles that will allow access to mission-critical data without exposing sensitive information. Providers can scale the tool as needed, allowing Yurbi to grow along with you.

As your offerings become more robust, you can tap into advanced features that will allow you to meet even more advanced SLAs. And because ongoing service is critical for meeting those SLAs, your team will have access to full-service support, no matter how large or how small your organization.

If you’re ready to learn more about Yurbi, contact the team today to schedule a demo to see how our embedded solutions can remove the challenges of embedded reporting and unlock your business potential.

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