Top 5 Challenges of Embedded Reporting

Top 5 Challenges of Embedded Reporting

Dashboards, reports, and interactive visualization tools have become requirements for all organizations that hope to get the most from their Business Intelligence tools. Software vendors, SaaS providers, and agencies must be able to give their customers these tools and features in order to meet SLAs and maintain profitability.

In order to include usable dashboards, reports, charts, and ad-hoc analysis in product and service offerings, organizations are faced with a choice: to develop a reporting tool from scratch, or implement an embedded reporting tool.

In many cases, it is more cost-effective to embed a solution into existing platforms, but those tools often present a litany of challenges for both developers and users that can inhibit SLA achievement and fracture customer relationships, eventually costing the organization more money than they ever bargained for or budgeted for.

Just what are some of these challenges?

In this guide, you will learn about these challenges in complete detail, and this will help you ultimately decide if you need a good Business Intelligence tool that can bridge all those challenges as seamlessly and as productively as possible.

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