How To Ease Your Users’ Pain

User frustration with complex BI tools is all too common among the users who must work with those tools day in and day out. Decision makers may feel as though they’ve done their due diligence by consulting with the IT department on a BI solution, but leaving out the needs of end users is the first step towards failure.

When people are frustrated because their embedded analytics does not work the way they want it to, it can cause more problems and delays down the road.

Being behind on so many deliverables is the last thing every company wants, so we should do something about it.

No matter how deep into the weeds your team has gotten with a BI tool, things can improve. Leadership can make changes that will allow users to have access to and make meaningful use of mission-critical data.

If you are looking to end users’ frustration with complicated reporting tools and data backlogs from the IT department, the team at 5000fish recommends Yurbi. This tool will give your employees choices, not just options, when it comes to reporting.

End-users will be able to customize the tool to meet their needs, without requiring advanced development knowledge to access data and run the reports they need each and every day.

Yurbi is simple, but flexible, unifying data across the organization into a single, actionable tool. It is easy to implement, and cost-effective. Not only will your organization save money on hard costs, but it will improve the efficiency of each user, eliminating time-consuming and costly data backlogs that occur with other BI solutions.

With Yurbi, users will be able to:

  • Securely access the precise data they need, when they need it; no more, no less.
  • Use that data in meaningful ways.
  • Share information across departments.
  • Stop nagging the IT team for reports
  • Stop wasting time creating and sharing inaccurate spreadsheets.
  • Access information on the go with a mobile interface.

Don’t let BI slow your business down. Contact 5000fish today to learn more about how Yurbi can help you get the most from your most from your data with a single solution.

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