Lack of Access To Mission-Critical Data

Information security has never been more critical. Legacy BI tools have built-in security features designed to protect sensitive data from being accessed by certain types of users. Unfortunately, most of these features are either too limiting or too difficult to securely configure.

These limitations lead to an overly restrictive access policy that blocks users from specific sets of data. Because it is difficult to set up, manage, or control access with these legacy tools, there is no way to account for the fact that specific users need to have higher levels of access than others.

As a result, everyone is simply locked out of entire data sets, rendering the tool virtually useless to the majority of users.

Data access that is not customizable based upon individual need creates more problems than it solves. Users must be empowered to do their jobs, and they must be trusted to have access to the information they need.

If users can’t see mission-critical data, the BI tool is useless to them. This means they will have to continue to rely on the IT department to get their reports, keeping them stuck in the same inefficient cycle they were in before the adoption of the BI tool; or they will take matters into their own hands, bypassing IT and accessing databases on their own, opening the company up to costly and potentially dangerous security issues.

This can be very catastrophic once done wrongly because it could cost you your entire company when something goes wrong especially with security issues, which is very important in embedded analytics.

In the next chapter, we will talk about inaccessibility of data on-the-go can be detrimental to your business.

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