Not Being Able To Access Data On The Go

Previously, we talked about how the lack of access to important mission-critical data can lead to the collapse of your company as a whole, especially in embedded analytics.

Employees need access to information when they need it. While monthly and quarterly reporting can be planned, ad-hoc reporting cannot. There is no way to predict when a user will need to access data, or the types of data they will need at the time.

This is especially true of those employees that work in the field, or those who travel to customer and vendor locations. All too often, these employees find themselves needing access to information, with no way to get it, thanks to the limitations of legacy BI and reporting tools.

These employees may have to call back to the office to have someone else run the reports they need, or they have to put the needs of the customer on hold until they can return to the office and take care of running the report themselves.

On-demand and mobile access to information is critical in order to keep all of the moving parts of a business running smoothly.

Without it, customer relationships can suffer, and employee frustration can mount.

Did you know that when your reporting tool is hard to use even for the experts, you are leading your company to its downfall?

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