Scheduled Reports Scenario - Overview Webinar Series

Original Date:  Jan 29, 2015   |  Length:  1:02:00

Scheduled Reports Scenario – Yurbi Overview Webinar Series

In this webinar we use a specific scenario to do an overview of Yurbi and it’s capabilities.   For this webinar the scenario is an organization that wants to allow each of their account managers to schedule a daily ticket report to each of their customers.

In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Overview of the Yurbi report building process and how to create a data grid style report with multiple filter/prompt criteria.  We also create a pivot table report with a drill down to a detailed report.
  • Overview of the Yurbi Self-Service Library as a account manager searches, navigates, and favorites the Customer Ticket reports and then schedules that report for daily sending.
  • Overview of the Yurbi Dashoard as the account manager favorites a few pre-built dashboads and then creates their own Customer Ticket dashboards based on the reports we created earlier in the webinar.
  • A quick overview of the Admin section of Yurbi and how to configure audit options
  • Resources Available

We also answered a few questions at the end.

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