Yurbi an Alternative to Sisense Embedded Analytics

Compare Yurbi and Sisense Embedded Analytics

Here is a quick overview of some of the key differences between Yurbi and Sisense Embedded

Yurbi - bring your data to life
Sisense Embedded
Flat fee $24,000 per year (with startup/small business pricing)
They don't publish pricing but we've heard big numbers
Deployment Model
On-premise, fully behind your firewall and on a server you control
On-premise (more cost) or hosted in their cloud
Best Feature
Ease of multi-tenant operations for viewers or building (low cost of operations and maintenance)
In-chip technology and Elasti-cube for performance against huge data sources
White Label
Yes, fully brand the interface, including custom JS and CSS server files
Yes, requires REST API programming
Interactive Embeddable Dashboards
Data Level Security
Yes, row and column level
Single Sign On
Yes, Session Token, Web SSO, or Active Directory
Yes, JWT, SAML 2.0, or OpenID Connect
API Access
Yes, REST API and a SOAP API for bulk maintenance activities

Simple Transparent Pricing

Yurbi provides a simple all you can eat flat-fee pricing model. Have the certainty of a fixed price for your embedded BI solution with no penalties to growth.

With Sisense we don't know what the cost is, but we've heard enough quotes from their prospects to see it is highly variable and expensive.

Simple Architecture

Sisense provides a great solution when you have terabytes worth of data via their in-chip technology and Elasti-cube. But if you don't need that, it just adds to cost and complexity.

Yurbi has a simple architecture that you can scale using traditional Microsoft Server scaling methods.

Lean Interface

Yurbi was designed with business users in mind, not technical ones. The dashboards and reports don't have all the bells and whistles of Sisense, but from a user experience, less is more.

When it comes to embedded dashboards and reports, we find software vendors are looking for software that triggers fewer questions and support requests from their end-users, not lots of features that require more training and documentation.

Support Costs

With Yurbi, your flat annual pricing includes as much customer support as you need. Plus if you need more of a helping hand, there are Premium Support options.

Be sure to properly evaluate the number of hours and support included with Sisense, and when additional professional services fees kick in.

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